Frequently Asked Questions

What is PinUp Preserves doing about CoVID-19? Can I still get jam?

This is an uncertain time for everyone as we deal with the CoVID-19 situation. I have decided that it is best to NOT be in production at this time. I am a high-risk person and being in a shared kitchen is not something with which I am comfortable. This is the best decision for me, my famly, and my business.


It is my sincerest hope that I will eventually be able to return to the kitchen and introduce new offerings, as well as continue with perennial favorites. In the interim, this has been a great time to test recipes!

I still want to support PinUp Preserves - my favorite woman- and disability-owned business! What can I do?

We may not be smashing fruit right now, but that jamming isn't my only skill! Coming from a Freelance Technical Theater background, I have been able to pivot PinUp Preserves with two new products. Our #PreserveYourHealth face mask line offers cotton masks in a variety of fun patterns. I realize that some people have difficult wearing ear loops, so we also offer masks with ties. Each mask has a nose-wire for a snug fit, and a pocket to add a filter. Need an additional customization? Send an email through "Contact Us". and I will be happy to see what I can do to help!


Our newest product is just in time for the holidays - Put a Lid On 2020 Ornaments! Let's face it - this year has been rough, but that does NOT mean we can't keep a positive attitude! These hand-sewn cross-stitch ornaments take a humorous look at our 2020 quarantine and are framed in actual canning lids. Perfect for socially-distanced gifting!

Where can I buy PinUp Preserves? Are you in any stores?

Not at the moment. As stated above, CoVID-19 has had a huge impact on life, but you can order our #PreserveYourHealth face masks and Put a Lid on 2020 Ornament Collection through our online store. Be sure to follow our social media and sign up for the PinUp Preserves newsletter to stay up-to-date on all the news that's fit to print.

What do you mean by “all-natural”?

What you see is what you get! Check out the label and you’ll see we use real fruits and other natural ingredients to create our great taste, not artificial colors or flavorings. We also do not use high-fructose corn syrup. It’s preserving the old-fashioned way!


What is pectin? Is it the same as gelatin?

Pectin is NOT the same thing as gelatin. Pectin is a naturally occurring soluble fiber found in many fruits. Do you know how lemon and orange pips are so slippery? That’s pectin! It makes a great plant-based thickening agent for preserves. Gelatin is animal-based and NOT suitable for use in preserves.


Are your preserves vegan? Are they gluten-free?

We do not specifically market our preserves as vegan and gluten-free, but they are actually both. All of our ingredients are plant-based and naturally gluten-free. However, we always encourage customers to review ingredients for themselves and ask questions if they still have concerns. We do produce in a shared-space commercial facility, so while every effort is made to ensure that products remain vegan and gluten-free, there is always the very tiniest of chances that didn’t happen. Customers need to decide for themselves if they still want to purchase our product.


What about allergens? I have a nut/dairy/fill-in-the-blank allergy.

As with those concerned about a product being vegan/gluten-free, we encourage you to fully read our label and ask any questions if you still have concerns. While we do not currently use any nuts in our preserves, we do produce in a shared-space commercial facility. We make every effort to prevent cross-contamination, but the very tiniest chance still exists that this could have happened. It is important that customers keep their allergies in mind and decide for themselves if they still want to purchase our product.